comment to the article: Österreich schießt Millenniumgoals

Von Redaktion · · 2005/01

Österreich schießt Millenniumgoals

Generally speaking I think it’s a wonderful idea to bring the MDGs with the aid of sport and other activities closer to young society including young boys and girls as well as their parents, because they will get into that topic through tales of their youngsters. Especially that football got chosen is from my point of view the most effective way, because it’s popularity is spread all over the world and therefore as much young people as possible will get in contact with the aims of the campaign of the project group “Jugend Eine Welt/Don Bosco Aktion Austria”.

I liked also the idea of advertising for that in a total unconventional way without making big politic just by bringing this theme into the minds of teenagers using the advantage of the fun factor that is given by various sports and activities.

The only point I dislike that I could think of is, that football has the cliché of being more interesting for boys. Young girls who also would get active by helping to make a better world might be a bit disadvantaged. It would be considerable to start another campaign that reaches young people not only through a men domain.


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